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Staged Reading of new, original play  "WTF Is This?"
11/4 at 1pm & 11/5 at 1:30 pm at Elwood Library
Directed by Tammy Green
Adult audience.  
Call/text Rubber Chicken Theater at 631-683-8555

WTF IS THIS?  A play by Tsai Prasinos is on a white text box in front of a word cloud that includes these words in various shades of blue and pink:  mortgage, laugh, pip, jokes, medical bills, childcare, cash, rent, college, cost, rising prices

2023 HAC NYSCA Grant
Award-winning Play

new from Rubber Chicken Theater Company

Meet our cast: 






This show is a contemporary comedy/drama set in suburbia that echoes Chekhov’s  “The Cherry Orchard.”  A young family faces hardship, loss and grief with humor and love.  We look forward to welcoming you to our show!

Hardship!  Foreclosure! Repossessed!  -- Who wants coffee?

After their house is repossessed, the family finds itself on shifting sands.

ECONOMIC CRISIS!  -- who wants coffee?

Swirling sand dunes converge on a crevasse


It's a great plan.  I understand the plan.  But there is  no way the bank is going to wait--

COVID 19 conscious production.

Live and Zoom Rehearsals (Hybrid)

Water lapping sand at the coast, refreshing

You are deliberately trying to sabotage us!

Rubber Chicken Theater Company is a Huntington-based theater group.

Huntington Arts Council NYSCA Regrant award-winning play of 2023!

Sand in layers of white and grey like a sliced slab of marble


When am I supposed to do that?  After I write my thesis?  Before I pick up the kids?  After I get the car fixed?

See an original, new play with an all-Long Island cast!  Free!  See out show and upport your local Long Island theater.

Rehearsal previews...
with an all-Long Island stellar cast!

Gold beige sand dune peaks leading into a brownish sky

I love you, you idiot!

We look forward to working with you!

Live and Zoom rehearsals (Hybrid).  COVID-19 conscious production.

Ridges of white sand like the rims of an oyster shell

I have to admit, I was looking forward to you getting the hell out and finally having the house to ourselves...

This play will be performed for free to an adult audience at 2 staged readings on November 4 and November 5 , 2023 at Elwood Public Library in the Community Room.

STAGED READINGS on 11/4 & 11/5

Ridges of rough brown sand meet a soft plain of flat golden sand
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