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"One Small Step, " starring John Rowe and Sheila Rowe, directed by John Torres, premiered live at the Long Beach Short Play Fest in 2022.  In 2021, the online production starring Laurie Atlas and Carl DiModugno, was featured in the Northport Plays Festival 2021.

"Chance of a Lifetime" premiered at the SPARK Women's Theater Festival online 11/2020 - 8/31/2021.   

Laurie Atlas and Carl DiModugno on the moon, reaching toward each other to hold hands.  The earth looms in the distant background.

Laurie Atlas and Carl DiModugno: "One Small Step"

Theatre Deli Broadgate stage with two empty chairs
London "Campeon"
Dante Fuoco as "PAUL" in El Campeon
Laurie Atlas as "Lobster" and Wanda Owens as "Pancake"

"Lobster Pancake"
with Laurie Atlas and Wanda Owens, Open Doors Festival 2019

NYLandmarks Conservancy Sacred Sites Poster 2019
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