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Rubber Chicken Productions:

Poster for play:  WTF Is This?  by Tsai Prasinos.  Word cloud behind title includes the words mortgage, pip, laughs, bills, job, college, money, jokes, cash, rent medical bills, childcare

2023 HAC NYSCA Regrant winner!
Staged Reading at Elwood Library.  Free!
November 4
at 1pm and November 5 at 1:30

All Long Island Cast!

WTF Is This?! (The Green Play) wins 2023 NYS SCR Creative Individuals Grant

One Small Step

A woman and a man reach across to hold one another's hand in front of the backdrop of the lunar surface with the earth in the far distance.

After many happy years together, a couple struggle to hold on to love. Together, they must leave behind the past and take one small step toward a better life.

Long Beach Play Festival 2022

Northport Plays Festival 2020

CAW workshops resume

Politics Con Pollo

A Honduran immigrant runs a successful restaurant in your neighborhood.  Pull up a chair at Sal's restaurant, and reach for the American dream.

NY Summerfest 2019

Theatre Deli London, UK 2019

El Campeón show poster:  A black silhouette of a man standing tall holding up a trophy with a rooster on top of it.

Chance of a Lifetime

Sparks fly when two powerful women vie for political power and the chance of a lifetime.

SPARK Women's Theater Festival 2020-21


Lobster/Pancake cast photo of a person in a lobster costume talking to a person in a pancake costume.

Lobster and Pancake is a sweet comedy about tolerance and cooperation for the common good is suitable for all ages. 
NY Landmark Society Open Doors Festival 2019

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