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Rubber Chicken Productions:

2023 HAC NYSCA Regrant winner!
Staged Reading at Elwood Library
November 4 & 5, 2023

Auditions 9/28, 29, 30 by appointment at Elwood Library. 

WTF Is This?! (The Green Play) wins 2023 NYS SCR Creative Individuals Grant

One Small Step

Pubilcity 2.jpg

After many happy years together, a couple struggle to hold on to love. Together, they must leave behind the past and take one small step toward a better life.

Long Beach Play Festival 2022

Northport Plays Festival 2020

CAW workshops resume

Politics Con Pollo

A Honduran immigrant runs a successful restaurant in your neighborhood.  Pull up a chair at Sal's restaurant, and reach for the American dream.

NY Summerfest 2019

Theatre Deli London, UK 2019


Chance of a Lifetime

Sparks fly when two powerful women vie for political power and the chance of a lifetime.

SPARK Women's Theater Festival 2020-21


Lobster May 18 2019 7.jpg

Lobster and Pancake is a sweet comedy about tolerance and cooperation for the common good is suitable for all ages. 
NY Landmark Society Open Doors Festival 2019

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